1. (UK) A member of the Royal Military Police a unit in the British army.
  2. (US) A porter in a US railway station.
  3. (UK) Archaic name for the goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis).
  4. (UK, folklore) A type of evil goblin or imp
    • 1876: Porter & Coates (pub.) , Reliques of Ancient English Poetry
      Lord Soulis he sat in Hermitage Castle,
      And beside him Old Redcap sly; --
      "Now, tell me, thou sprite, who are meikle of might,
      The death that I must die?"
    • 1890: Joseph Jacobs, English Fairy Tales
      "What"s a Brownie?" you say. Oh, it"s a kind of a sort of a Bogle, but it isn"t so cruel as a Redcap! What! you don"t know what"s a Bogle or a Redcap!
    • 2002: Cecilia Dart-Thornton, The Ill-Made Mute: The Bitterbynde [1]
      ...the goblin had aroused the mercenary"s ire. This seemed to bring out a formidable and hitherto unrecognized talent in the taciturn young man.
      "Why cam" ye by my door?" The redcap brandished his pikestaff menacingly.
      Redcap - A malevolent goblin easily distinguishable by their namesake red cap, fiery red eyes, claws and iron boots. They often appear as little old men, but can run very fast despite the boots. They reside in castles and watchtowers along the English-Scottish border, but will move their residence to avoid detection. They have sharp eagle’s talons which they use for weapons, but can easily be repelled simply by reading holy verse. [2]
  5. A breed of poultry. See red cap.

6 letters in word "redcap": A C D E P R.

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ace aced acer acre acred ad ae ape aped aper ar arc arced ard are ared cad cade cadre cap cape caped caper car card care cared carp cedar cep crap crape cred da dace dae dap dare de dear drap drape ea ear eard ecad ed er era pa pac pace paced pacer pad padre par pard pare pared pe pea pear pec ped per prad pre race raced rad rade rap rape raped re read reap rec recap red rep

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